Denise Allen Photography

"I'm not a body with a soul.
I'm a soul that has a visible part called a body."

Paulo Coelho

My job is to capture your soul in every picture

I specialize in documenting special moments, taking individual and family portraits as well as celebrating the aging process. I believe aging is a gift that should be documented for everyone to see.

I create an atmosphere where my clients not only feel relaxed but they feel like they are seen and even celebrated.

Hi, I'm Denise

I’m originally from Philadelphia and relocated to North Carolina a few years ago. Moving was part of my transformation from teacher to student of life. I went from being a commercial photographer to an art educator and back to a photographer again.

Not only did I pick my camera back up but I’ve learned to look at life differently and be present. I photograph with the purpose of telling a story which includes capturing one’s inner beauty as well as their outer.

My specialty includes women over 40 years of age as I honor the aging process.

Work with me

My images inform and enlighten both my subjects and the viewer

My photography has become my voice and I have used it to talk back to a world that often dictates how I should think, feel or act. 

I create projects to help me navigate through my personal journey as a black woman and I provide safe spaces for others to share their stories.