Denise Allen Photography


... By The Content Of Our Character

“… By The Content Of Our Character” is a photo exhibit that was inspired by the death of Trayvon Martin.  It consists of portraits of young African American men dressed in hoodies and photographed in an area that best describes them.  It is accompanied by a written description of who they are and their hopes and dreams. 


MY SON MATTERS is a photography exhibit that consists of African American mothers and their sons.  Not only does this exhibit honors the relationship between African American mothers and their sons but it documents the concerns and struggles they go through to raise their sons.


This photography exhibit consists of portraits of Black women over the age of 50.  It documents some of the messages that they receive and the challenges that they have to overcome to survive and thrive as a woman of color.

The cover of my soul

THE COVER OF MY SOUL is a short video that documents the journey of alopecia with 2 different women.